How to increase the time of watching videos on your YouTube channel

How to increase the time of watching videos on your YouTube channel

In order for YouTube videos to promote well with the channel, it is important that the videos meet all the necessary criteria.

One of these aspects is viewing duration, and therefore many will be interested in learning about how to increase this time to the maximum, what is important to consider, and whether it is easy to do it yourself. To buy youtube watch hours online you can on



Of course, a lot depends on whether the author managed to interest the viewer from the very beginning. Sometimes it makes sense to delete a particularly bad start video, add a bright start to it and upload it to the hosting again.

Sometimes you can get by with some kind of bright annotation, but this option has less chance of success. In any case, it is important to draw conclusions from the situation and come to certain conclusions.

You also need to pay attention to what people write in the comments, and make it a habit.

Feedback is very important, it will help make the content more interesting and more in line with the expectations of the target audience. Of course, it is not always easy to draw the right conclusions on your own, and sometimes expert judgment is very important.

What else is important to consider


You can make a plan for each video on paper.

And then there is no need to rush to implement this plan. Let the time pass after which many things in the plan may seem wrong. It is the same with the roller. If possible, it is better to revise it. If you don’t want to re-record, but it is important to fix something, you can simply cut the video by cutting it.

This approach will make the videos as informative as possible. By the way, it is important to carefully monitor the video sequence in order for it to fully correspond to the meaning of what was said.

Otherwise, rejection may occur, similar to what occurs from overly frequent advertising. All this will help to achieve an increase in audience interest.

In order to achieve the result as quickly as possible, it is best to turn to an experienced team of specialists.

Today there are many proposals in this area, of course, only the pros should choose, because others can only spoil the situation. It is worth pre-reading reviews on independent Internet resources and paying attention to how the price relates to the average.

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